To Do Movies

An app specifically for listing movies you want to watch!


Download here: https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/todomovies/id528977441?mt=8

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Pop for iOS 2.0 is now available. This update adds some nice improvements to the quick capture notepad I help develop. 

The main new feature is the ability to share directly to email, message, or social. Also, subtle design and interaction improvements throughout.

The update is free to all current customers. It’s only 99 cents on the App Store for those who want it. Get it now.

Check out this full feature file program. Usb or wifi. Access to numerous popular cloud storage systems like Dropbox, Sugarync, Google Drive, and Box!

For the kids!

Download this interactive and fun math app now while it’s free!


Look ma! No wires! Apple’s introduction of the iBook with wireless.




(1999) Steve Jobs Introduces The World to WiFi

Just look at that response over something we take completely for granted now just 14 years later. 

Love the camera man over-the-shoulder as the way to show it on the big screen.

And the hula hoop — look ma, no wires! — is just a brilliant, Steve Jobs touch.

“All sorts of devices are going to be able to interact with Airport. We’re just going to be there first and best.”


Make Your Old iPhone Run Like New


How to easily capture your signature to sign e-documents! #mactips